Online Free to Play Games

Below are various links and a short description of many free to play games online.  The games below will need to be downloaded and installed onto your computer to play.  Watch our blog for reviews and recommendations on some of the best games here.

Archeage – 

Archeage is a fantasy MMO that is free to play.

Battlerite –

Battlerite is a team based multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).  Its similar to a typical arena game, but only has a PVP environment.  The end goal is to destroy the other team and win the round.  Win enough rounds-you win the match.  Various champions are playable, and each with unique abilities make Battlerite a MOBA that allows lots of different play styles and strategies.

Battlestar Gallactica Online –

BSGO is a free to play space flight PVP game.  I personally have had HUGE fleet battles in this game consisting of all types of ships (which is some of the best game play).  You can grind out almost all of the gear by mining planets and asteroids, but real money will advance you ships and upgrades a lot faster.  As you upgrade though, gear becomes very expensive.  This game fun and can be play casually, but can become expensive very quickly.  Its is a semi pay to win game, but the premium currency can be collected in game, albeit very slowly.  I would give it 3 out of 5 stars, as there has not been many updates for a long while.

CSGO – Yes CSGO is free to play now!  Available on Steam –

Counter Strike is a massively popular first person, team based shooter.  Huge following, and is a popular esport game.  Was buy to play, but has recently released as a free to play game.  Some of the weapon skins in this game sell for hundreds of dollars.

Dauntless –

Dota 2 –

Fortnite –

Guild Wars 2 –

Hero and Generals –

Hyper Universe –

League of Legends –

Lord of the Rings Online –

Neverwinter –

Paladins –

Paladins is a free to play shooter similar to Blizzards popular game, Overwatch.

Path of Exile –

Path of Exile is very Diablo like action RPG, and very addicting.  The game is constantly updated and has a very large and active player base.  The leagues they release are always fun and engaging, always creating alternative content. Definitely a must try and alternative for any fan of Blizzards Diablo.

Planetside 2 –

A multiplayer shooter originally developed by SOE (Sony Online Entertainment), but is now owned by Daybreak Games.  Squad based and a king of the hill-capture the objective game.  Fun to play.

Rift –

Rift is another fantasy mmo that has been around for some time.  There is a large playerbase, and the game is still being updated with expansions.  A great free to play MMO that will keep one occupied.

Smite –

Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) –

Swtor is an MMO based on the Star Wars franchise that was created by Lucas Arts.  The game was developed by Bioware, and EA.  This game has a great story line for all classes, and has tons of content as you level your character.  You are limited with a free to play account on some group content, and character slots/inventory/items etc. but a subscriber option does allow full unlocking of the game.   This typical trinity MMO, its easy to pick up and play casually.  I have played this game many hours and give it a 4 out of 5.

Team Fortress 2 – Steam

Team Fortress is Valve’s shooter that has a lot of humor (both good and bad).  With a large player base, and lots of purchasable skins, this is a Steam free to play favorite.

Warframe –

So you want to be a space ninja?  This 3rd party loot shooter is probably one of the most well made free to play model games.  There is no pay to win, only fashion frame!  Every weapon and Warframe can be farmed in the game (it can take some time though).  The premium currency can be bought with real money, but items can also be traded for it in game, thus making real money purchases not needed.  I have many hours in Warframe and have spent a little bit of real money to support the game. Warframe has great graphics, fun parkour, and multiple play styles.  There are many different weapon variations, and with the new expansions – open world play.  You can mine, fish, bounties (short missions), or do endless battles.  There is PVP in Warframe, but most players prefer the PVE aspect of the game, playing together as a squad. I would rate this game 4.8 out of 5 stars-definitely a must try!

Warthunder –

World of Tanks –

World of Warships –

World of Warplanes –

Zero-K –

Available on Steam, Zero-K is a real time strategy game – a lot like the old school Total Annihilation game (one of my personal favorites).  Fun game to play with Steam friends online.

Many, many more free to play, and buy to play games can be found and played on Steam –

Steam is a game portal/launcher/digital store, that not only host free to play games-but is the number one destination to purchase, organize and play games on the internet.

If you have any more great free to play games to add-post a comment below (please register) and we will check them out and add to our links page.  Please include the URL and a short description of the game.